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About Us
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I am the latest creature.Even in the dictionary you cannot find my name.Yet i have my nature:
What i think highly of is -- knowledge;
What i love most is innovation;
What i belive in is-- free competition;
Whom i am deeply in love with are -- enterpreneurs and broad -visioned people who are wise,courageous,and with global strategic view.
What i rely on most is internt and digital world of the future.
What i am most pleased with is -- resources of the world of knowledge will be assigned globally which is most rational,highly awarded and of low waste. Through computer networks or communitcation networks,it will link human,financial,material,and intellectual resources to any places where they can be of maximized use and yield best with is -- knowledge economy is polularized economy in which individual rights are most respected.
What i need most is -- qualified personnel with different working skills,professional technology and management knowledge.
What i am most worried about is -- i am ignored or unconcerned by many fellow countrymen.
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